Specialist Media Buying

With Gill Marketing's specialist knowledge of the rural arena and in particular the country and shooting market Gill Marketing is able to assist with improved and cost effective advertising.

Gill Marketing currently buys media either one-off or on going for:

  • Browning SA
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Association
  • Francis Lovel & Co
  • Holloway & Naughton Gunmakers
  • Just Cartridges
  • Pukka Pens
  • PetSpec
A number of companies may believe that they should be advertising with large full page adverts but they know that they cannot afford the cost so they don't bother and thus don't grow their business accordingly.

Gill Marketing persuaded one of its clients that 80% plus of their advertising should be in classified sections as this is where the "users" of their products would look first. This strategy ensured that the company was able to afford a high frequency and gain excellent coverage with relatively small adverts and also controlling their advertising spend effectively. This strategy paid off with the company claiming market leadership in the sector within 12 months.

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