Brochure Design

Creating the right brochure for the right target is never easy and it depends on what objective you want the brochure to do for you. Is it to send out to customers to create leads and drive them to your website or is it one that will generate orders directly for you. With a whole host of different options it is best to decide what you want it to do for you.

If you want to use the brochure for a mailing or as an insert then you need to ensure that it folded in the correct way so that it can be automatically inserted into a magazine or an envelope. This may sound very basic information to ascertain and get right but mistakes like this can be costly!

Once you have decided on your options don't make it over wordy or try to cram in so much information that the consumer is either confused or doesn't actually pick up the phone to make the enquiry.

Gill Marketing can help you through this process producing cost effective brochures to fit your budget.

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