Advertising Development

The creation of adverts that work and create leads for clients is essential to take businesses forward. But all too often a number of basic mistakes are made such as:

  • No brand logo is used
  • Failure to include the correct contact details
  • Omission of website address
  • Typeface too small to read etc
Some companies will take the opportunity of FREE production services that are often offered by various publications especially if it is a "late space deal". It may be cheap but more often than not essential omissions are made or the advert is inconsistent with adverts placed elsewhere. This will confuse the consumer and not build your brand or business! Gill Marketing recommends that adverts should be planned alongside an agreed media plan and a choice between display, classified or website advertising needs to be decided upon - this will large be dictated by the agreed brand strategy.

By planning ahead your brand will be correctly promoted, be on the right pages and kept up to date with your latest offerings. In addition continuous improvements to adverts should be considered to produce the most from your advertising investment.

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